In a Nutshell

Eish Digital is an efficient, inspirational digital communications company with endless opportunities to learn and grow both individually and as a team for our client’s benefit.

Not only do we provide solutions for our clients, we create a long term relationship were friendships develop. We are about the people and supporting their business needs.

Meet the Team

  • Andrew

    Creat!ve Dictator

  • Eddy

    Craftsman & Curious IconGeneer

  • Justin

    Business Manager

  • Gail

    Director & Dedicated Hoverer

  • Lance

    UX Deigner

  • Precious


  • Elvis

    Developer & Web Artisan

When we are not out rescuing kittens from tree tops or putting out veld fires with our bare hands, we are probably in the office creating a great User Experience.

Eish Digital is the African partner of YUDU. The pioneers of digital communication, who have been producing digital platform solutions across IOS, Android, Smartphones and Windows since 2003. YUDU are an app developer specializing in digital publishing, corporate communications and corporate training/learning solutions.

What does YUDU do? YUDU are primarily an app developer, providing digital publishing tools and apps for any business. The YUDU software, YUDU Publisher acts as a comprehensive digital communications suite that allows you to publish content to virtually any device through your own branded app or on the browser. Catering to a diverse number of sectors YUDU developers have built a vast range of features to help meet the diverse needs of clients, including solutions for training providers and companies who need intuitive methods to publish training/learning materials.

YUDU is situated in London and New York and has supporting partners all over the globe, currently in 75 countries.

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