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Not only do we provide solutions for our clients, we create a long term relationship where friendships develop. We are about the people and supporting their business needs.


With more than 10 years of industry experience and expertise in digital solutions and communications, making friends with Yudu was a positive strategic decision by Eish Digital. Furthermore, partnering with a leading global digital publishing provider also proved to be the best possible decision for our clients.


Because we understand that creating a brand is more far-reaching than just creating a product, and that a brand is only as effective as the people behind it, we have developed a team of diverse talent and interests, rather than simply relying on a collection of developers. This makes it easy for us to demonstrate our value and communicate our processes in a language our clients understand; and it helps us listen to our clients and appreciate their unique needs.

User Specific Design

At Eish Digital we approach each project with the workings of the human mind as our guiding focus. As such, we spend considerable time developing a deep understanding of the people who use our products and we design according to their needs

Content Generation

Eish Digital offers a range of writing and editing services digital media and social networking sites. Our reputation for excellence, quality journalism and professional writing encompasses all facets of the publishing industry, from writing and content generation, to business journalism, ghost writing, proof reading, press release writing, project management, newsletter generation, social media management and media consultation.

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