Publishing to Phones and Tablet/ iPads


If you are looking for an affordable entry-point publishing app that sits across both iOS and Android phones, Easi-App is a great starting point.

Premier App

Creating an app for smartphones takes a highly feature-rich direction using a YUDU Premier App.

Browser Solution

Our browser delivery solution provides a top quality reading experience via the web. It is designed to reach readers on any device, and will respond with either Flash or HTML output depending on which is compatible.

Publishing to Desktop

YUDU Publisher

YUDU Publisher is the best way of digitally publishing your content onto Windows desktop and laptop devices.

Desktop apps

Our desktop apps allow you to reach audiences that want access to your content on a Windows laptop or desktop.

Responsive Email Design Using Ink

With our design and development expertise, along with the Zurb Ink email framework, we are able to design emails that work on all devices and clients including Microsoft's Outlook, ensuring that your campaigns reach a wider audience and are visually consistent throughout.

Campaign Monitoring

We can help you personalize your content for each client, track clicks and opens, and address each email to the client's name. All this can be done with MailChimp.

Social Media Sharing

Share your email across social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, place Tweet, Like, and other social buttons in your campaigns to let your readers spread the word. We can also help you set up a signup form to your Facebook page, track activity and provide stats on different networks after your campaign has been launched.


Track your email campaign’s performance to see exactly what your clients clicked. Get reports that will give you lots of valuable information to help you improve your campaigns going forward. Also find out which email addresses bounced and why.

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